cozy silk scarves

Cozy Cozy Cozy!

Hello Friends!

We are really bringing the cozy this year! We have great gifts for your loved ones or a gift of warmth for yourself.

We're most excited about...

Alpaca everything!


We love alpaca fiber. The fiber is shorn from the Alpaca. Because it doesn't have lanolin, if you're allergic to wool, alpaca will probably work for you. It's super soft and warm.

Alpaca hats from Amyara Knits in Bolivia. See our blog post here to read their story.

Alpaca handwarmers and hats from Tey Art. Produced in Peru, these products have lovely designs and colors.

Alpaca Socks are a perennial favorite! We sell out every year, so don't miss out on your favorite color and sizes. These are the softest and warmest socks you'll ever wear. New this year is a really pretty teal color and some ankle socks.

New Scarf Designs from new to us makers...

Cotton and Silk scarves from Rubybazaar fair trade, made in Thailand. These scarves have a lovely texture and color and are light enough to wear all day.

wrap or shawl brushed cotton acryllic

Brushed Cotton/Acryllic scarves and wraps from Zig Zag, fair trade from Nepal. These are so very soft. Jenny loves to take a wrap along everywhere for a little extra cozy.

Wool slippers from US Sherpa. This company is run by a brother and sister team. The brother lives in Vermont and the sister works with craftsman in Nepal. We love them because they are the gnomiest slippers we've ever seen!



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