Work with Jenny

Jenny Frech is a self-taught entrepreneur. Running Soapy Gnome since 2013, she grew it from a little farmer's market business to a 2,600 square foot retail and online shop with seven employees. 

She has worked with Mastermind groups and has developed a system for introverted business owners to make meaningful connections at networking events.

Jenny has strengths in strategy, connecting ideas, and seeing possiblities.

If you have a nugget of an idea, and you aren't sure where to start, Jenny can help give you a jump-start. She is a great listener and will help you mold your strengths and ideas into concrete action steps. She can also point you to resources that will ultimately save you time and money. The value of saved time and resources alone will pay for itself.

As a former teacher, Jenny has a special affinity for working with entrepreneurial kids and former teachers looking to change careers.


One-on-one business consulting

Best for businesses at the side hustle or start-up phase or that are having trouble getting past the start-up stage $120 an hour. In person or on zoom.

Career Shift consulting

Are you looking to explore ideas to make a career change or use your talents to start a side hustle? $120 an hour. In person or on zoom.

Pro-Bono consulting

Jenny will work with one client at a time on a pro-bono basis. Folks that fall into marganilized categories will be considered first.

Kid Consulting

Jenny is considering a kid business mastermind group. If you have a kid entrepreneur in your life, reach out and express interest.

Pick her brain

Ask Jenny anything about the soap business for an hour. $120 an hour. $75 for 30 minutes. 

Classroom Speaker

Jenny will come to your Goshen or Elkhart classroom to talk about entrepreneurship with your kids grade 3 or older. No charge, but based on availability.

Her favorite classroom topics are:

  • What kinds of businesses make up a community?
  • How do you find a career you'd like?
  • How to come up with business ideas?

Contact for more information.