About Us

Who is Soapy Gnome?

We are an independent shop in Goshen, Indiana, specializing in handcrafted soap and body care products. We strive to be a cozy, welcoming place. It’s our job to help you find peace and comfort for a few moments each day.

Unlike other similar stores and businesses, we choose not to market our soaps as “beauty” products. We believe that everyone is beautiful and refuse to profit from letting our customers think otherwise.

In addition to our own products, we carry a variety of bath accessories, stationery, and small gifts, as well as handmade body care products from other producers. Most of these items come from artisans all over the country. We buy directly from these creators, both to support them and to provide our customers with a unique variety of items.

We make our products with premium ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. We never use palm oil or oils that can contain GMOs like soy, canola, or corn oil. We use essential oils to scent our products and buttermilk to make the lather creamy.

How did Soapy Gnome Start?

In 2013, our founder Jenny Frech, a former science teacher, made her first batch of soap intending to send the soaps out as Christmas gifts. A lifelong DIY enthusiast, she fell in love and began selling her soap at the Goshen Farmers Market.

This hobby started to grow into a business and Jenny opened up a little downtown basement shop. After a couple locations, she found herself expanding into a proper storefront, jumping into soap-making full-time.

As our business continues to grow, we look to further our beautiful, diverse community and create more great products for folks like you.

Why Gnomes?

Gnomes have been with us since the beginning for a couple reasons. They embody koselig (KOOS-lee), which is a Norwegian word that doesn’t really translate into English. It invokes a general sense of warmth and coziness — that feeling of curling up by a fireplace in January with a cup of tea and a good book.

In mythology, gnomes are earth spirits that care for animals, which means a lot to us. All of our products are vegetarian-friendly.

Most importantly, since they live for hundreds of years, gnomes take time to make friends and enjoy the company of others. Nothing brings us more joy than total strangers coming in and making conversation with us, and becoming new friends.

Our founder Jenny is a classic homebody — the place she most wants to be is at home under a fuzzy blanket with her dogs curled up next to her. But for our treasured customers she ventures away from her hearth to create beautiful, nourishing soaps that bring you that feeling of koselig all day long.