Scent of the Month

September's Scent of the Month is Apapacho 

Apapacho: (Nahuatl) To hug with the soul

Now through September 30 or while supplies last!

Introducing our Scent of the Month Club. Order just this month or subscribe for monthly deliveries. Send as a birthday gift or send one to yourself. The scent of the month is only available for one month or as supplies last! Wait too long, and they may be gone! 

Choose a package deal to save a little. Subscribe to one of the Scent-of-the-Month boxes and get a variety of goodies to keep you feeling fresh and cozy. When you subscribe, you save even more!

The aroma of the soap is Sandalwood & Rose! 

Each month the boxes will vary by scent and the included items. 

*Pick up isn’t an option at check-out at this point, but if you would like to pick up, please leave us a note and we’ll refund the shipping charge and have your order available for pick up. We are hoping to offer pick up as an option very soon at the check-out process.

September's Box: Available now through 9/30 OR while supplies last!

Quick Fix $24.99:

1-Soap, 1-Lotion Bar, 1-Massage Oil

Deluxe $37.99

2 Soaps, 1-Lotion Bar, 1-Shower Steamer. 1 Massage Oil

Super Deluxe $59.99

3-Soaps, 1-Lotion Bar, 2-Shower Steamers, 1-Massage Oil, 1-Scented Sachet

Soapy Gnome

Scent of the Month Box


from $ 24.99

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Soapy Gnome

Scent of the Month Add-Ons


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