Soapy Gnome can help you with your private label needs.

Menno Tea Soap private label

Services we provide:

  • Private label soaps with our recipes and scent combos.
  • Private label soaps with your provided recipes and scent combos.
  • Recipe development.

To get started with private label, contact our production manager at

Private label soaps with our recipes and scent combos.

Choose soaps that we currently have in stock from our wholesale line and we will create a custom label for you. One time design fee applies for label design. Minimum order 144 soaps.

Private label soaps with custom scent and color combos. 

You determine the scent and color combos. 72 bar minimum per scent. 144 soap minimum.

Brewery, wine, tea, cider, honey, etc. private label soaps.

You provide the liquid from your business and we create a soap based on the flavor profile. We've had great success creating brewed soaps as we call them for various businesses. We've made soaps for breweries, wineries, and tea companies. Soapy Gnome would love to partner with you to make custom beer soaps, custom wine soaps, custom cider soap or custom tea soap.

Recipe development.

If you would like to develop a soap line as part of your brand, we recommend this option so that you will own your soap recipe as our recipes are proprietary. Recipe development starts at $500 and includes sample batches to test. 

We can develop recipes for you to use on your own, or as part of the private labeling program with Soapy Gnome.