Being thankful and showing gratitude pop-up cards

Thank You Gifts That Show Gratitude

It's a lot of fun to give little gifts of gratitude when people are being their amazing selves! Here are some fun ideas -- all under $20 to sprinkle gratitude around like confetti!

1.  Greeting Cards $3.95-$5.95 (In-Store)

We carry a large selection of unique cards for all occasions.  


2. Crane Incense Holder $6.99 (In-Store)

These porcelain crane incense holders are the perfect size and come in a variety of colors. 


 3. Seattle Chocolate Bars (In-Store)

Giving chocolate is a great way to make moments sweeter with that special someone. We have a large variety of flavors for every occasion. 

 4. Dandewilde Affirmations Body Soap $9 and Window Cling $3 (Online & In-store)

This is Soapy Gnome's newest line, and we are really proud of it! Each boxed soap includes an affirmation and a window cling that could be placed on any smooth surface like a mirror or in the shower. Each time you get ready for the day or for bed, you'll be reminded of your affirmation.

 5. Compendium Journals $7.99 (In-Store)

Throughout the journal there are inspirational quotes. This uplifting gift continues to give inspiration as they go through the book!

 6. Stickers $3-$4 (In-Store)

Stickers can be added to computers, water bottles, bumpers & more. They are a great reminder how special someone is to you. 

 7. Boxed Cards $14.99-$19.99 (In-Store)

Each box comes with 8 individual cards. Show your appreciation by leaving a card on their desk or next to their morning cup o' joe to let them know their efforts do not go unnoticed. 

 8. Mud Love Clay Letters Made in Warsaw, Indiana $4.99 (In-Store)

These locally made clay letters are the perfect way to leave someone a sweet message that they can look at every day. We have lots of letters to choose from to make the perfect message that lasts forever! 

 9. Salt Sisters Rubs, Dips, Salts & Herbs Made in Goshen (In-Store) 

Salt Sisters rubs, dips, salts, herbs and bread dips make a great addition to a thank you gift. Do you have an event coming up soon and need a hostess gift?  

 10. Lucia's Beaded Rings $5.99 (In-Store)

The perfect gift to show your bestie some love.

If you see something that you like on this list that is not available online, please email us at or call the store 574-971-5294 and we'd be happy to put an order together for you.

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