LippyClip great for holding your favorite lip balm

Meet the Maker by Stephanie: LippyClip

Meet the Maker


It is definitely lip balm season with the cool air and windy conditions. When you stop in to purchase your favorite flavor, don’t forget to grab a LippyClip to keep your balm safe and within reach. Amy Gabriel founded LippyClip in 2012. She learned to sew long ago from her mom and grandmother and developed a love for fabrics and creating useful products. 

Starting the business

Amy worked as a pediatric nurse for ten years but following a series of horrific events she needed to leave nursing. LippyClip began as a way to utilize her sewing skills, provide for her family and deal with her grief.  Amy stresses that her husband and kids are her biggest inspiration. She describes her business as innovative, busy, enjoyable and dynamic. Amy started small but now leads a team of 13 women based in Orlando, Florida. Her business has enabled other women to work from home and achieve financial and lifestyle goals.


Amy is committed to running a company that treats people with compassion, honesty and integrity. She loves this quote by Gretchen Rubin, “What you do every day matters more than what you do every once in a while”. Soapy Gnome admires Amy’s commitment and is proud to support her business.

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