Gifts for the Men in Your Life

Gifts for the Men in Your Life

When I started this business, I figured that almost all of my customers would be women. What surprised me is that at least 30% of my regular customers are men and they are super loyal! Don't be shy about adding guys to your Soapy Gnome list.

Here are some perennial favorites:

1. Soap and a soap net. Guys love our soaps. Some of the scents that guys gravitate to are: Mossy Oaks, Professor, Rockstar, Eucalyptus Peppermint, Mojito, & Amberwood Sandalwood. We also have some beer soaps, made with beer from Goshen Brewing and Iechyd Da.


3. Classic Shaving Accessories like razors, brushes & brush stands, soap bowls, and beard & mustache combs.  


6. Professor Bundle

7. Rockstar Bundle

8. Salt Sisters Rubs

9. Silly Socks

10. The Art of Shaving Book.

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