Gift Ideas for Mamas of Littles and Expectant Mothers

Gift Ideas for Mamas of Littles and Expectant Mothers

Mamas of littles get precious little sleep. We have some lovely gifts that will be appreciated all around. Happy and Rested Mama = Happy Home!

Give her the gift of sleep:

1. Eye Masks- block out the light with these masks so when baby naps, she can too. She'll appreciate that they're made in Indiana.

2. Easy Naps and Calm Nights Tea. This tea is safe for moms, nursing moms and kiddos.

3. Lavender Bath Tea. Make sure she can have 30 minutes to herself and give her a jar of these bath salts and botanicals. Her muscles will relax and she'll feel peace for a few moments.

Give the gift of organization:

4. Lippy Clips. Clip one of these little lip balm pockets to the diaper bag or purse to keep the lip balm from getting lost at the bottom of the bag.

5. Cork Keychain Wallet. We love these beautiful cork bags, so cute and practical.

Give the gift of self-care:

6. Leaf Seed Berry Infused Jojoba moisturizes and feels amazing.

7. Earrings. We have so many beautiful earrings. If you have an extra little pumpkin, go for the studs that are hard to grab.

8. Born Beautiful Mug. We all know that our babes are beautiful, but sometimes as moms, it's hard to feel beautiful. Give her a mug she'll see every morning, and every time she reheats it throughout the day.

Do you have someone hard to buy for? Give us a first crack at helping you find just the right thing. If we don't have it, we can direct you to the right downtown shop that might!

Are you looking to buy online but not seeing what you want? Call the shop at 574-971-5294 and we can send you an invoice and ship it out.


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