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They're Here! Solid Conditioner Bars Made in Our Goshen Workshop!

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We've been making shampoo soaps for nine years. And since the beginning, folks have been asking about conditioner bars. I'm pleased to announce, they're here! Finally...

We're working through the list of most popular scents, so our first two are Lavender Spearmint and Rosemary Tangerine. 

The conditioner bar should work well for most hair types, but is specifically formulated for normal to dry hair. It's a very light conditioner with no residue or heavy feeling.

If you keep the bar dry between uses it should last 80+ washes!!! I have medium length hair, dry, wavy hair and it just took about 3 swipes of the bar to feel detangled and softened. 

Our conditioner bars are sulfate-free and vegan. Our conditioner bars feature mango butter, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, marula oil, and jojoba. So much hair goodness!

Bars are super simple to use. Just swipe across your hair after you shampoo and rinse. Let it sit a minute and rinse out. If your hair is really dry, you could use it as a co-wash or leave-in conditioner. 

If you're concerned about rubbing it across your hair, if you're taking a warm shower, the bar is at the perfect melting point to rub into your hands and then your hair.

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These bars are a solid alternative to traditional liquid conditioners that come in plastic bottles. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider using a solid conditioner bar

1. Eco-Friendly

Solid conditioner bars are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional liquid conditioners that come in plastic bottles. Our conditioner bars come in a compostable wax envelope. Liquid conditioners require a lot of plastic for their packaging. The invisible environmental impact of liquid conditioners is that you’re paying for water, and transporting that water across the country.

2. Travel-Friendly

Solid conditioner bars are perfect for travelers as they are compact and lightweight, making them easy to pack. Unlike liquid conditioners that are subject to TSA regulations, solid conditioner bars are not subject to liquid restrictions, making them ideal for carry-on bags. And, you won’t have to worry about spills or leaks that can ruin your luggage. 

3. Long-Lasting

Solid conditioner bars are highly concentrated, and a little goes a long way. They can last up to three times longer than liquid conditioners, making them a cost-effective alternative. Additionally, you can control the amount of conditioner you use, preventing wastage and saving you money. Our conditioner bars will last 80+ washes if kept out of running water. 

4. Better for Your Hair

Solid conditioner bars are made with natural ingredients that are better for your hair. They are free of harsh chemicals and sulfates that can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and damaged. Instead, they contain nourishing oils and butters that moisturize your hair and leave it soft, smooth, and shiny.

5. Versatile

Solid conditioner bars are versatile and can be used in different ways. You can use them as a leave-in conditioner, a co-wash, or a deep conditioning treatment. You can also use them as a body moisturizer in the shower.

Stop by the shop to give them a sniff. We'll have some samples available while supplies last.

Check out the product here.

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Merrill Krabill
Merrill Krabill

I’m excited about the conditioner bars!

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