Let's Get Cozy!

Let's Get Cozy!

About a year ago, I took a branding class to help sharpen the Soapy Gnome brand so that we could better define who we are as a business, and put together a cohesive image.

In the handmade body care industry, many of us got into the business because we were looking for a more natural product. Most makers also really enjoy the process.

When trying to figure out what sets Soapy Gnome apart from other businesses, I really struggled. My customers could see a difference in my product. But, I was having a hard time seeing what that difference is and expressing it in actual words.

The temptation as a body care business is to use the tagline "natural" and "handmade". I knew that Soapy Gnome was different because we weren't a spa type soap shop, or hipster/modern, or even really a beauty brand.

I kept digging and digging and bringing it back to my branding class, always with the answer, "You're not digging deep enough."

Finally, the answer came to me at a tradeshow. I was explaining that our sugar scrubs are like giving your skin a hug all day long and that it would make your skin feel cozy.

In that moment, it all came together. Our brand is all about making our customers feel comfy and cozy.

Gnomes are Northern European. Inspired by Scandanavia, we've incorporated cozy words into our vocabulary. In Denmark they use the term hygge, in Norway, koselig. There is no direct translation in English, but the terms mean "that cozy feeling you get at Christmas time, sitting by a fireplace in the dark, with wool socks with a cup of hot chocolate, and great friends and conversation." That's our brand.

When I told my mom that I had chosen the branding word--cozy--she said "of course!" I have always been drawn to cozy. My bed is piled high with pillows, down comforters, and flannel sheets. At Christmas, I ask for wool socks, flannel jammies, and wool sweaters. Low maintenance comfort! This branding word fits me and it fits Soapy Gnome. 

We want to invoke koselig when you shop with us. We want you to feel cozy when you buy our products either physically with a pair of alpaca socks, a cup of tea, or with our soaps; and we want you to feel a cozy feeling when you find just the right pair of earrings handmade by a maker in the US or globally.

When we purchase things for the store we're always looking for items that will make our customers feel cozier in their lives. We also strive to make the customer experience as cozy as possible.

How do you like to get cozy?

We'd love to hear how we can make your experience with Soapy Gnome even cozier!

February 3rd First Friday is the them "Hygge"! Don't miss it! We're open until 8 pm.


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