Gifts for Tweens

Gifts for Tweens

Do you have some kids that are in that awkward space of getting too old for toys, but would like some fun things for their stockings? We are the place to start your journey to find some fun things for them. Most of these gifts are under $10.

1. Cute laces. These adorable shoelaces fit Converse style shoes and let the kid express their style.

2. Journals. Everyone loves a blank state to share their ideas.

3. Little Feminist Surprise Puzzle. Each box has a surprise woman of history inside.

4. Rachel O earrings and bobby pins. Another way to express their style!

5. Vinyl Stickers go on everything from laptops to water bottles. We sell so many stickers which means they are a fan favorite!

6. Mudlove Bracelets. These are made in Warsaw, Indiana. Take your word with you as a gentle reminder.

6. Animal Pencil Toppers.

7. Animal Hat. Handknit in Bolivia, we just can't get over the cuteness of these hats! These fit kids about 4-10ish, depending on their head size. $29.99


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