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Beard oil, preshave or aftershave

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$ 19.99

Beard oil is our most popular product for men. 

Used as a beard oil, it provides shine and some minimal control of beards. It also moisturizes the skin under the beard, which can sometimes be flaky. 

The great thing about this product is it's multiple purposes. Because of the Argan, Abyssinian and Jojoba oils in it, it makes a great preshave or post-shave oil, the helps moisturize and protect your skin from nicks.

Some guys even like it as a hair oil. A little bit on the hair goes a long way to keep hair from looking too floofy!

This oil is very lightly scented; it's not overpowering since it's for use right beneath your nose. A few drops is all you need per application, so a bottle will last you quite a while.