Opportunity for Local Artists in 2023

sample label

In 2023, Soapy Gnome is celebrating our 10 year anniversary and we want to do something really special.  We couldn’t have gotten here without our community and we want to invite you to join us in our celebration.

As part of our anniversary celebration, we’d like to feature a different local artist each month on the Scent-of-the Month labels. 

This is a paid opportunity!

For the last year, we’ve been creating a scent-of-the-month. We create a batch or two of soap that is a limited edition scent and only available for that month. Once it sells out, it’s gone. That helps us create a Fear-of-Missing-Out, and lets us experiment with the art of soap making. 

The Scent-of-the-Month is part of our subscription program. We have a couple of dozen folks that subscribe to our boxes. Boxes include a soap, shower steamer and one or two other custom products like lotion, lip balms, or body sprays.

We want to license from 12 different local artists one of their works.  The artists will retain all rights.  We will pay you $60 for the licensing rights of up to 150 labels for soap bars, 150 vinyl stickers and postcards, and labels for lip balm, lotions, etc. for that month’s scent. 

In addition to the licensing fee, you will receive one Deluxe Scent of the Month package (value $40) for the month we feature your art.

Submission and Artist Requirements

  • Deadline—January 21st, but we will begin selecting right away. We will start this in just a couple of weeks. We will select 12 artists for the year. 

  • You’re welcome to submit up to 3 works—one will be chosen. No need to create a new piece, existing work is welcome.

  • Images submitted should be at least 300 DPI and ready to print.

  • Aspect Ratio should fit within 2.5” by 2.5”, but doesn’t need to be a square.

  • Artwork should be easily reproducible; bold colors and thicker lines. If it looks good on an instagram post on your phone, it should look good on a soap label.

  • As part of your submission, please include your social media handles (we want to promote you and your work)

  • If chosen, we’ll need an artist bio (50 to 100 words) and head shot.

  • We ask that you share, via your mailing lists and social media, your month’s package. 

  • Submit artwork to Jenny@SoapyGnome.com

Artist Benefits

  • $60 licensing fee paid in the month your artwork is used

  • Free Deluxe box (value $40)

  • Affiliate link to earn commission during your month. Paid in the month following your artwork.

  • Introduction to our audience of 4,500 on our mailing list and about 3,500 on Facebook.

  • We’ve been doing Facebook Lives and TikTok videos. We’d love to have you join us for one of these.

  • Can use existing work, no need to create a new piece unless you feel compelled to!


Hints and Tips

  • We’re looking for a wide variety of mediums: acrylic, watercolor, marker, print, linocut, digital, mixed media, etc.

  • Our brand is cozy, warm, loving and encouraging. We’re not snarky. 

  • We love color!

  • We’re looking for a variety of looks, please choose artwork to submit that you think reflects you as an artist.

  • We will choose artwork that makes a great collection. We’ll pick artwork that we can design a soap around with scent, color and line. Don’t let that worry you. By submitting more than one piece, it can help us put the puzzle pieces of our collection together, and increases your chances of being selected.