Kettle Lake Forest


Kettle Lake Forest soaps inspire kids to get excited about nature.

Kettle Lake Forest is our line of soap for kids and nature lovers.

We want to encourage kids to get out in nature and appreciate the world around them. Remember, the dirtier they get, the more fun they are having! We can help them get cleaned back up again!

You'll feel great about the lovely ingredients and the kids will have fun learning about each of the animals. You'll also love: 

  • Vegan
  • Palm-free
  • Kid size bar
  • Fun animal facts and kid jokes inside
  • Artwork created by Brooke Rothshank, a local artist
  • Great scents your kids will love
  • Each bar donates to wildlife rehabilitation causes

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About the Name

The name Kettle Lake Forest comes from the kettle lakes that you find in the upper-midwest. Kettle lakes are formed when a piece of glacier breaks off and leaves a giant chunk of ice behind. This ice eventually melts, leaving a depression or a lake behind. We like the ring of the name. It sounds a bit like a whimsical adventure.

The packaging design is gorgeous. Brooke Rothshank is a local artist that painted the designs just for us. Each package includes details like what the animal eats, it's predators, and fun facts.

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Box Turtle