Make the switch from body wash to bar soap.

Make the switch from body wash to bar soap.


Does it seem like a chore to use bar soap? We have the answers to that dilemma!

There are a zillion reasons that bar soap is superior to body wash.

Here are a few reasons we love bar soap:

  • Eco-friendly: there are no plastic bottles and no transporting a mostly water product across the country
  • Less waste
  • Skin friendly ingredients: most body washes have sulfates and lather boosters which can irritate skin. Ours have oils like olive, avocado oil, and shea butter.
  • Easy to travel with. No airport limitations, no bottle leakage.

Even with all of the great reasons to switch to bar soap, giving up the body wash and loofah can be a tough change.

We get that! 

And we have just the solution.

Soap Nets!

Soap nets are a bag that you store your soap in while in the shower. Leave it in there for the life of the soap and it's even easier than body wash. 

We like to hang our soap nets from the overhead shower rack, from the shower handles, or hang a suction cup hook in the shower to hold them.

When it's time to lather, grab the soap net and lather away. When you're done, hang it to dry for next time.

5 Reasons we love Soap Nets

  1. Makes the soap last longer. Use it down to the very last sliver or add all of those slivers you've been saving.
  2. Gives the lather a big boost. Our soap has a great lather without the net, but when you use the Soap Net you'll be dripping in smooth, fluffy, smell-good lather!
  3. Soap Nets are made in the USA by a small family owned company in Florida. 
  4. The Simply Body Soap Nets company supports conservation and wildlife organizations.
  5. The Soap Net feels just like a gentle mesh loofah and provides some exfoliation. 
Try one out with your first order!


Diana Davis
Diana Davis

How do you overcome the skidding feel to your skin that bar soap creates? Liquid soap leaves a feel good silky feel.

Laurie Wetzell
Laurie Wetzell

I love my soap net. ☺️

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