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Reusable cotton mask

3 Reviews

$ 12.00

Lots of people are sewing masks these days, and it's likely they will be required to wear in public soon. But what if you don't know someone who sews? Or you need a bunch? I only go out a couple of times per week, but it's nice to have a stash big enough to be rotated through the wash. 

These masks are not medical grade. We are offering these to use for the public to use when they are around other folks. Even while wearing masks, physical distancing and good hygiene practices should be maintained.

We're offering two styles of masks:

Style one $7:

Made of shirt fabric in either mint or khaki patterns. Patterns as shown in photos. This is a very comfortable design for a mask, covers nose tightly. Has adjustable straps and can be worn either behind the ears or across the back of the head. Has pocket for paper filter, but does NOT include paper filter. Made in China. Comes packed in individual plastic bag. 


Style two $12:

Made of cotton tie dye or cheetah fabric. Large, roomy masks. Has a filter pocket and includes 10 paper filter inserts. Made in Los Angeles by a garment manufacturer. Comes in individual plastic bag.